Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (MCHG) is located in southern China in the city of Guangzhou. Modern Cancer Hospital is the largest international cancer diagnosis and treatment base in Southern China, Chinese Anti Cancer Association member , and 2010 World Anticancer Conference in China. It provides without-borders medical services for the patients at home and abroad, and has set up ofices n Thailand, Philipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on, as well as has establoshed long term technological and medical coopertaion with South African Ministry of Health, winning an international fame to some degree.

We have always been helping patients win the fight against cancer using advanced technologies and personalized approaches. We are not only focusing on fighting cancer, but also on making sure that you are comfortable throughout your treatment here. Our cancer treatment statistics and results demonstrate that our constant efforts make a difference when it comes to the quality of life for our patients.

Here in MCHG, we provide advanced facilities and international leading technologies and methods to treat cancer. We are aiming at releasing our patients’ pain, reducing the side effect of cancer treatment, improving the quality of their life and getting better curative effect. Specialists of MCHG believe that one single therapy can not be suitable to every patient. In MCHG, most of the treatment programs, especially for those patients of middle or advanced stages, will use the integrative multidisciplinary approaches. You will be exposed to a great multidisciplinary system, which includes radiation, chemotherapy, intervention, surgery, Chinese medicine, etc. During your diagnosis, treatment and nursing periods, our multidisciplinary team will always here at your service.

Our main technology is “Minimally Invasive Targeted Treatment Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine”. Compared with traditional cancer therapy, minimally invasive technology is accurately targeting to the cancer cells, so it will not damage the normal functions and has very little side effect. In addition, with less pain or even no pain is also a feature of minimal invasive surgery.


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Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou


Medical Services

Combined theraphy of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou --- " minimally invasive taegeted theraphy, and TCM combined with western medicaine" brbings 16 contemporary advanced technologies to create five unparalled advantages. it emphasizes patient-centrered, with full consideration for patients. It applies "humane" treatment according to patients's own condition. During the treatment, targeted will be perfomed after tumor bodyis detected, thoroughly killing local tumor but no harm to other organism, which has smaller trauma, better effect, minimizes harm to the patients' body, and improves their quality of life.

Technologies that available at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou are:

  1. Seed Implantation - Local internal radiotheraphy uses kind of energetic active nucleus, which continously releases gamma ray to injure tumour cells in a short distance, working as internal radiotheraphy for tumour and reaching an effect like the surgical resection.
  2. Ar-He Knife Cryotheraphy - The biggest feature is tho introdice hypothermia into human body. The Temperature of puncture needle can decrease to -160 ºC or increase to 20 - 40 ºC with Ar and He, breaking cancer cells by heat and cold alternation and ablating tumors. It can be applied for all solid tumors.
  3. Minimally Invasive Interventional Theraphy - Cut blood supply for tumor to make it die from hunger.
  4. Gene Targeted Theraphy - is a way to detect tumor targets, then to eleminate it. Gene target theraphy chooses appropriate therapeutic drugs according to identified oncogenic target, and the drugs will take effect specially as carcinogenic sites and integrate together killing the tumor cells.
  5. Radiofrequency Ablation - Under the guidence of imaging, needle ( ablation electrode ) measuring 15-20 cm will be inserted into the tumor, introducing heat generator and directly or indirectly melting and killing the tumor.
  6. PDT Theraphy - Cancer tissue absorbs considerable photosensitizer throgh intravenous photosensitizer. By using a special laser irradiation of cancer, and light energy, the photosensitizer will take effect on cancer cells which will undergo toxic necrosis, and the the tumor will disappear gradually.
  7. Photo Knife ( three dimensional conformal theraphy) - Photon Knife kills tumor cells by photo radioactive ray with the biggest advantage lies in three dimensional, directional, and conformal radiotheraphy.
  8. Green Chemotheraphy - new generation of chemical weapons
  9. Endogenetic Field Thermotheraphy System - Endogenetic field thermotheraphy sustem kills tumor cells through heating while normal cells wont be affected, so side effects liek bone marrow suppresion or alopecia wont happen.
  10. Minimally invasive targeted theraphy combined with traditional chinese medicine and western medicine.
  11. Chemotheraphy medicine with high effectiveness and low side effects - Ten times curative effect with one thrid treatment cycle only.
  12. Chemical Ablation - is directly inject chemical medicine which damage tumor albumin into tumor under the imaging guidance, making cancer tissue necrosis, destroying cancer cells and ablating cancer tissues.
  13. Somatic Cell Immunotheraphy - It is to tranfuse immune cells with anti tumor activity into tumor to directly kill or stimulate body anti tumor immunce reaction. First, blood will be drawn from patient to separate mononuclear cell. After 12-14 days of inducement and culture in the laboratory, cells, free of pollution, bacterial and virus, can be tranfused bacl to the patient. It is fit for some patients who are not available to receive surgery, interventional theraphy or other treatments.
  14. High-dose VitC treatment
  15. Ozone Theraphy - Hydrogen Peroxide produced from ozone has sensitized effect for radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy and it can reduce side effects. Tumor cells can be directly killed and wiped out by strengthening the killing capacity of macrophage and neutrophile granulocyte for tumor cells. Tumor necrosis factor released from induced organism can induce immune monitoring system of body to kill tumor virus, as kind of green theraphy.
  16. Chelation Theraphy - An amino acid named EDTA will be applied through intravenous drip. it will systemic tissues and organs through blood circulation, chealting metallic elements ssuch as Ca, Fe, Cu, Pb, Alum and other kinds to from soluble , nontoxic and stable conjugates which be eliminates from body through kidneys. As result, the harmful heavy metal elements will be cleaned out deom the body.

Facilities and Amenities

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is a JCI Standard Hospital which has facilities such as :

  1. Wards - VIP and Standard wards both are well equiped with bathroom, living room and kitchen
  2. Interpretation Services
  3. Airport Shuttle Services
  4. Daily Nursing Care
  5. Professional Nutritionist
  6. Leisure Activity
  7. Money Exchange
  8. Online Appointment and Consultation
  9. China Visa arrangement
  10. Religious Belief services and etc


Doctors that work in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou