We believe that it is the right of every individual to have access to affordable high quality medical care. We know by personal experience that patients can receive quality medical care at a fraction of the cost by medical tourism. With the technology available today and with loads of experiences in medical tourism services industry, DOCFINDER is created to provide an integrated network for individual patients, corporate clients and healthcare providers in the region, comprehensive from preventive screening, primary care to tertiary care.

We strive for the highest level of patient care through our partnership with healthcare providers that meet a stringent set of criteria for medical expertise, professionalism and clinical standard. This will ensure that the wider range of healthcare facilities and professionals, and the most suitable medical treatment are provided to our clients.

We aim to believe that we can provide medical services that will improve people’s lives through greater transparency and quality.

With us, your journey to medical tourism will never be the same again.


Optimizing Technology to provide better Medical Tourism experience.


Your smartway to Medical Tourism.